I have a passion for art , and  painting had been my hobby for some time. 

I  attended the Healing Arts Toolkit program training that inspired me to use art activities as a healing tool with a group of  individuals whose lives had been impacted by a traumatic experience of some kind.  My mission is to bring beauty and healing through the arts and make our community more beautiful . About three years ago I opened up my own art school where I teach kids and young adults how to achieve their artistic potential. My curriculum includes art history, color blending, art techniques, and education on the world’s great artists. This is a hands-on approach and all my students get to express themselves on canvas and other mediums.

I also teach adults and have been doing a number of paint events, including birthdays, showers, night outs and team builders. I have a great experience in giving step-by-step painting instructions and recreating  any image that is given.


I have now shown my own work in various venues including the Blackhawk Art Expo in Danville, California.